Branded watercoolers

Bring style and definition to your brand

Personalise your water cooler

  • Customising your water cooler with your company name and logo helps to solidify your brand identity and sends a message to your visitors that you care about the health and hydration of your staff  by providing refreshing, filtered water.
  • Branded water coolers are personalised for purchase only, there are no rental options available.
  • Floor standing model only available.
  • Designed to be stylish, modern and practical ,the Ebac Fmax water cooler combines exceptional performance with a variety of features and is great value for money.
  • Changeable side panels gives flexibility of designs
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What are the benefits of a branded water cooler?

  • A branded watercooler offers a great impression to visitors
  • Water coolers help to ensure that your workforce and visitors stay hydrated throughout the day
  • A great look that offers a level of professionalism to your company
  • Great for promoting your company, particularly on a show stand or at events!
  • The presence of branded products helps to solidify your brand identity


Key features of the Ebac water cooler

  • Re-enforced bottle column ensures ease of loading bottle with no damage to the water cooler
  • Temperature combinations of cold, ambient and hot water
  • High dispense point easier to access the water
  • Duplex dispense nozzle prevents contamination, hands do not come into contact with the water dispenser
  • Drip tray evaporation harmlessly evaporates any water from the drip tray
  • Built in wheels enables the FMax to be easily moved from one location to another.

Product Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (mm): H = 1100 x W =  260 x D = 390

Weight: 20 kg

Material: ABS Polymer Body

Hot Water Specifications

Hot water temperature: 86°C to 94°C

Hot Tank Energy Consumption (standby): 0.03 KW/day

Hot Tank Heat Up Time: 15 minutes

Hot Tank Burst Rate: 6 consecutive hot cups

Cold Water Specifications

Refrigeration Type: R134A

Cold Tap Burst Rate: 14 consecutive chilled cups

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