Why do we bang on about hydration?

Because… being adequately hydrated means looking after your health!   We are bombarded with messages about how much water we should be drinking!  The daily recommended 2 litres of water for an adult to drink seems a ridiculously large volume of water to consume in one day! Obviously, there are many factors that will affect …

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The History of the Water Cooler

We see water coolers now as part of any office staple. They provide us all with refreshing water throughout the day and make sure we are all hydrated while we work. So where did the water cooler begin? Read on below to take a wander through 3000 years of history and discover how the water …

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Bottled water vs tap water

Bottled water vs tap water.. is it just a matter of taste? Many people all over the globe choose to drink bottled water for a multitude of different reasons. Taste, cleanliness and accessibility all enter the equation, but we have delved into some bottled water facts to see if you think bottled water is better! …

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Why is drinking water so essential in the workplace?

We all understand the benefits of drinking water regularly, and this is even more important at work There have been hundreds of studies over the last few years investigating the effects of hydration and dehydration on both the body and the mind. One key point that continues to resurface every time is the importance of …

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Can drinking water help you lose weight?

Whether drinking more water helps you lose weight is often debated, with a number of studies claiming to prove that drinking more water helps you lose weight, whilst others claim that the increase in metabolism drinking water causes is too minimal to make that much difference – so, what is the truth? Drinking cold water …

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Dehydration and High Blood Pressure

Over half of our bodies are made up of water, so is it any surprise that the amount of water you drink plays a key role in regulating your cardiovascular system? Your body is always seeking balance, and chronic dehydration can lead to several side-affects, one of which is the increased chance of high blood pressure.   What …

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