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Zip Tap Systems

Zip Tap edgars waterInstant hot & cold water in your office or home!

Zip Industries have created a fantastic product range which delivers boiling and chilled filtered water instantly, from a single tap! This technology has been in development since 1947, with the very first instant water systems originally created in Australia.

You can enjoy the benefits of filtered water whilst saving on energy and time with the cost efficient and environmentally friendly Zip Hydrotap. This incredible piece of technology gives you the ability to make hot drinks like tea or coffe straight from the tap instantaneously, while also having the functionality of a normal tap to fill a jug with chilled still filtered water for example.

It is a known fact that most employees in the UK don't drink enough water, so why not put the pleasure back into drinking water by making it as quick and convenient as possible? The Zip Tap can give you all this and more!

zip tap water solutions

Increase your water intake and benefit from a sharper mind and increased productivity. The Zip Tap can give you the simplicity and comfort of having all water temperatures from one source, transforming your kitchen area into a functional and social area.

Taking up a minimal amount of space and using less energy than a 50 watt bulb, this is a must have facility for every office! We can help you enjoy the benefits of instant hot water and cool filtered water all in one place so why not call us today to find out more?

Hot Water Zip Tap

zip tap hot water

The hot water Zip tap provides instant boiled water for hot beverages and cooking at the touch of a button. Boiling at a rate of 3 litres per minute on a ready-to-use basis, the hot water Zip tap is an exceptionally energy efficient choice. Discover the further benefits of this hot water solution.

hydrotap systems

Chilled Water Zip Tap

chilled water zip tap

The chilled water Zip tap offers filtered, crystal clear chilled water at the touch of a button. Put the pleasure back into drinking water in your workplace, and install one of our quality water cooler taps in your office kitchen today. Uncover more information about the endless benefits of a chilled Zip tap.

chilled water zip tap

HydroTap Range

all in one zip tap

The stunning Zip HydroTap range has been designed in a variety of styles to compliment your workplace kitchen. The range comes with many options including boiling, chilled, sparkling, filtered or combined hot and cold water taps. Discover more about the HydroTap range and which solution is suitable for you.

hydrotap range

Wall Hung Boilers

wall hung boilers

The stylish Zip water heater wall hung boilers are an ideal choice for businesses looking to preserve energy, as it boils water as you need it. It doesn't store or boil unnecessary water, so not a drop is wasted! Learn more about the product features of the wall hung Zip boiler.

wall hung boilers

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