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Water for the Gym

At Edgar’s we know that you will understand the importance of your Gym or Health Club setting the bar high when it comes to the wellbeing of its members. We also appreciate that you want a cost-effective way to provide a plentiful supply of free, chilled drinking water that is reliable and requires the minimum effort with the maximum benefit. 

Hydration for happiness...

Having water coolers in the places where they both exercise and recover will make a huge difference to how comfortable your clients feel. Offering this basic thing - as much cool drinking water as they need - may seem a small thing but it will have a big impact on members. Perhaps more than just their impression of your facilities. 

Keeping hydrated is important under any circumstances but it might surprise you to know that when you exercise you can lose up to a litre of fluid in an hour, although the amount lost varies from person to person and depends on how long and how hard you’ve been exercising. It’s vital that in order to get the best out of their workout your clients get the right amount of fluid - before, during and after exercise. 

Edgar’s offers the option of mains fed drinking water dispensers that are easy to install and provide an unlimited amount of water at a fix cost - no bottle deliveries, no storage of full or empty bottled water, no recycling of empty bottles and no heavy lifting whatsoever. 

Alongside this, or if mains fed coolers are not feasible, then bottled water coolers are available in counter top or floor standing variants in a selection of sizes and colours, with a water cooler maintenance service by our reliable, professional and friendly delivery staff. 

Keep your staff and members happy – keep them hydrated.

What's Next?

Edgar’s Water are passionate about staying healthy and learning more about the benefits of staying hydrated. Head over to our blog to find out new ways to stay healthy and learn fun facts about water!

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