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Paperless Billing

Here at Edgar’s Water we are continuously improving the way in which we communicate with our clients about our bottled water and mains fed water services. Our preferred method of sending your monthly invoices and statements is by email. We choose to do so, because it is faster, more innovative, easy to track and environmentally friendly.

Why choose Paperless Billing?Paperless billing edgars water

Some of the great reasons to choose Paperless Billing are:

  • You no longer have to rely on the postal service
  • Receive your monthly paperwork faster
  • Help the environment 
  • Reduce paperwork clutter

How can I switch to Paperless Billing?

Switching to Paperless Billing is so easy. All you need to do is either:

  • Send an e-mail to with the subject 'Paperless Billing' or
  • Send a fax to 01622 832 702 with this lettersign up for paperless billing edgars water

The only details you need to provide when applying for Paperless Billing are:

  • Account Reference
  • Customer Name
  • Email address

Do your bit for the environment and go paperless today!

What's Next?

Edgar’s Water are passionate about staying healthy and learning more about the benefits of staying hydrated. Head over to our blog to find out new ways to stay healthy and learn fun facts about water!

Alternatively, why not give us a call on 0844 579 3999 to chat about your hydration needs and see how we can help you

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