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Edgar's Cool Water and Water for Work Ltd

We have merged!

On 1st April 2013, the two companies merged and now trade under the name of ‘Edgar’s Water’, creating one of the largest water cooler businesses in the UK. This amalgamation is the result of over 10 years working closely together, striving to achieve the highest standards of service and product offering.

Growing stronger 

By joining together, we will be able to further improve our customer satisfaction levels by servicing your cooler from the depot that is closest to you, hereby supplying a local service on a national basis.

We are committed to a massive investment in our fleet which will eventually see all of our delivery vehicles being replaced with new re-branded ‘blue motion’ vans, minimising the impact we have on the environment. Other elements of the new branding will also be phased in over the forthcoming twelve months - please enjoy having a look around our new website! For existing customers, there is a possibility that your Water Man may also change - please be assured that this would only be due to changes in routes.

Business as usual...

Apart from the above it will be business as usual, with no changes to our products, services or payment methods.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing customers and welcome new; we look forward to continuing and improving our successful business relationship in the future.

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