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Mains Fed Water Cooler

Mains Fed Water Cooler

The mains fed water cooler delivered to your premises is a high quality drinking water dispenser which should give you trouble-free operation as long as the following simple guidelines are followed:

Prior to installation, your cooler has been thoroughly inspected and sanitised to ensure that the purity of the water dispensed is not compromised in any way. These guidelines and the BWCA sanitisation programme are designed to ensure that this quality is not prejudiced once it is in your possession. It is essential that a member of your staff is designated to be responsible for the water dispenser and acts as liaison with your water cooler provider.



Ensure that the responsible member of staff is aware of the location of the mains drinking water isolation valve. 

Ensure that the filter is changed every six months as a minimum.  

Know and note details of your drinking water supplier.

Run-off some water from the taps after a period of non-use (2 litres recommended).                                                                             

х Leave the cooler plugged into the power supply when disconnected from the drinking water supply.        

х Relocate the cooler.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your water cooler is plumbed into the mains drinking water supply.
In the unlikely event of an ‘Emergency Notice’ do not drink the water.                                               

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