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Edgar's partnership with Water Angel

Edgar’s Water are proud to be a sponsor of Water Angel - a great hydration initiative! 

At Edgar’s Water we are aware of how hydration benefits us is in everyday life and the workplace!  When approached by West Sussex Council with this great initiative,  Edgar’s Water was very keen to share their knowledge and passion of the benefits of hydration and help the community! 

Water Angel is a West Sussex County Council initiative which is backed by Sussex Police. The initiative seeks to promote the health and wellbeing of young adults aged 18-24 who are partying in bars, pubs and clubs in West Sussex.

Water Angel wants to encourage young adults to enjoy themselves responsibly by drinking water alongside their alcoholic drinks so that they feel good at night and good in the morning too!

As a business providing hospitality and entertainment to this market it makes sense to ensure that people have a really enjoyable time but look after themselves as well.


Why do we need Water Angels?

The disappointing news is that alcohol related harm and antisocial behaviour in young adults is a trend that is on the rise.

As a result of research conducted by West Sussex County Council the Water Angel campaign was born to tackle the issues head-on and provide ways to minimise the risks associated with drinking large quantities of alcohol.

Good business reputations can be broken as a result of a few bad alcohol-related incidents, where people have over-indulged and lost control. As a partner in this initiative, you can feel confident that you are pro-actively supporting your commitment to corporate social responsibility and helping your neighbourhood.


What is the Water Angel purpose?

The overall mission of the Water Angel Initiative is to reduce short-term and long-term alcohol-related harm in young adults by minimising the negative impact of alcohol as a leisure activity.

Water Angel sets out to promote the benefits of water consumption whilst drinking alcohol in a positive, non-patronising and non-judgemental way. It is not an anti-drinking campaign, or an appeal for people to drink less, it is practically focused on getting people to consume more water during their night out.

What's Next?

Edgar’s Water are passionate about staying healthy and learning more about the benefits of staying hydrated. Head over to our blog to find out new ways to stay healthy and learn fun facts about water!

Alternatively, why not give us a call on 0844 579 3999 to chat about your hydration needs and see how we can help you

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