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Drinking Water Dispensers

Edgar's Water is now one of the largest independent suppliers of water coolers and bottled water in England and throughout the UK. We have been supplying hot and cold water dispensers to establishments like yours for a number of years.

What's the difference between having a Mains Fed Drinking Water Dispenser and a Bottled Drinking Water Dispenser in your office?

Both types will have their advantages, but remember Mains Fed (or Point Of Use) drinking water dispensers need to be plumbed in to your mains water and require a power source, whereas a bottled drinking water dispenser only needs a plug socket and our delivered supply of bottled water.

Why choose Edgar's Drinking Water Dispensers for your office?

Whichever type you choose, our sleek executive drinking bottled water dispensers for hire create an image of style and professionalism in any office, boardroom, reception or waiting area, and designs can be chosen to complement your existing office decor. All our drinking water dispensers are available with either hot and cold, ambient (room temperature) and cold, or simply cold water taps depending on what you need from your drinking water dispenser. The benefits of a water dispenser for your workplace are endless.

Office Drinking Water Dispensers - Crystal Mountain Glacier Range
Glacier water cooler

The rounded cabinet and fluted front give the Glacier a classic Greek column design.

While being esthetically pleasing, the polyethylene cabinet’s smooth finish is easy to clean and refurbish.

Office Drinking Water Dispensers - Borg & Overstrom Range
Borg & Overstorm water coolers

An established classic drinking water dispenser - the strength of this range lies in its reliability and simplistic design.

The dispensers are well established and beautifully designed with a robust, stylish and timeless finish.

Office Drinking Water Dispensers - AA4400X Range
AA4400X water coolers

This range combines proven reliability, functionality with outstanding design and elegance.

Modern push and hold solenoid buttons avoid the risk of leaving the tap running by mistake, and the new Hygiene Guard reduces the risk of contact contamination.

The Best Service

  • Simple Contractual Flexibility
  • Amazing Value for Money
  • Reliable Regular Deliveries
  • Speedy Call Out Within 24 Hours
  • High Quality Products

Choose one of our fantastic office drinking water dispensers today!

Is a Bottled Drinking Water Dispenser better for your office? - Click here to view our full range!

Bottled drinking water dispensers are ideal for the offices, classrooms, universities, waiting rooms, public buildings and health and leisure centers. The best features of Edgar's Water bottled drinking water dispensers include:

•    Available to rent or buy
•    Option of both cold and ambient water
•    Simple, compact water dispenser designs
•    Available in counter top or floor standing
•    Variety of colours available to blend with decor
•    Edgar's Water dispenser maintenance service
•    Reliable, professional and friendly delivery staff

Or would a Mains Fed Drinking Water Dispenser be more suitable? - Click here to view our full range!

The benefits of mains fed drinking water dispenser make them easy to install, they provide an unlimited amount of water at a fix cost and there is no bottle deliveries or storage of bottled water - plus no heavy lifting whatsoever! Perfect for schools, universities, work, hospitals, health, leisure and sporting facilities, mains fed drinking water dispenser features include:

  • Available to rent or buy 
  • The option of both hot and cold water
  • Stylish, long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Simple, compact and subtle designs
  • Available in counter top or floor standing 
  • Variety of colours available to blend with decor
  • Edgar's Water dispenser maintenance service

Essentially, the more water your office uses, the more money your office saves! Whatever your drinking water dispenser requirements, Edgar's Water has a cost effective solution ready to meet your drinking water needs.

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