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How to ensure that your children are drinking enough water

8th June 2017
How to ensure that your children are drinking enough water

Top tips to keep your child hydrated this summer

Health experts suggest that ideally you need to be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, but how easy is it to encourage your children to drink enough water? The Government’s chief obesity advisor has issued guidance for parents advocating that parents should limit fruit juices to just one small glass per day (to be consumed at breakfast) therefore making water the mainstay of a child’s diet.

Encouraging your child to drink more water can be challenging, but here are our top tips to ensure your little one stays hydrated this summer:

Remove temptation

If it isn’t there, they won’t clamour for it, remove any appealing fizzy drinks or fruit juices out of their way and aim to lead by example, by consuming water yourself.

Make it fun

Provide attractive drinking cups festooned with bright colours and patterns to make drinking water appeal to your children. Why not consider a water drinking cup with their favourite animal or TV/film character? From Peppa pig to Elsa from Frozen, you are bound to find a cute drinking cup that appeals to your little one.

For older children, why not provide them with quirky novelty-shaped ice-cubes to their drinks?

Give your little stars, little stars

Encourage your little stars to drink more water by giving them brightly-coloured stars to track their progress. Positive reinforcement will encourage children to drink more as they will want to win stars.

Make it available

Whether they are at school, at a friend’s house or just playing outside, ensure that your child has access to water wherever they are.

Explain the benefits

Children are fascinated by the human body and love to learn! Why not show them some interesting books on how the human body works with regards to nutrition. Teach them the importance of staying hydrated and how it can help with energy levels, concentration levels and for teenagers, how it can help combat issues with skin.

Add some flavour

Whilst a glass of water is delightful to many, there will be some children who simply don’t like the taste. Why not add fruit to a jug of water that your child can sip at throughout the day? Encourage your child to try different flavours - from lemon and lime and watermelon to summer berries, this is a fantastic way to appeal to children who are looking for an alternative to just plain water.

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