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Benefits of Zip Taps

Benefits of Zip TapsEasy access to hot or cold water in your office!

It is a known fact that most people in the UK don't drink enough water. With the installation of one of our fantastic Zip Taps, you can enjoy instant hot or cold water whenever you need it - and all from just a single tap! Water plays a crucial part in our day-to-day wellbeing, helping vital processes to occur and keeping illness at bay, so keeping topped up should always be a priority especially when working.

Zip Taps can give you and your employees the instant access to water needed to stay hydrated throughout the day and therefore keep productivity levels high. The human body is over 70% water and so needs regular topping up to keep us feeling refreshed and maintain good energy levels.

With just the push of a button, your office can take the time and energy out of making drinks and staying hydrated. The Zip Tap brings convenience and speed to the office, removing the wait for a kettle to boil and offering chilled filtered water just like a normal tap would. Edgar's Water understand that the workplace can be a stressful environment at times, with issues only exasperated if staff are dehydrated and low on energy. Install a Zip Tap in your office today and increase your water intake, benefit from a sharper more focused mind and watch your productivity double!

Benefits of Zip Taps

With one of our cost-effective Zip Taps, your office can enjoy the benefits of chilled or boiling filtered water whilst saving on both energy and time. This incredible piece of technology gives you the ability to make hot drinks like tea or coffee straight from the tap instantaneously whilst also having the functionality of a normal tap, to fill a jug with chilled still filtered water for example.

The biggest benefit of installing a Zip Tap is its simplicity - you can enjoy high quality filtered water at all temperatures directly from one source, giving additional functionality to your kitchen or office space - and all this using less energy that a 50watt bulb!

You can enjoy the benefits of instant hot and cold filtered water all in one place, so why not call us today to find out more?

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