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A Brief Company History

‘Edgars Water’ and ‘Wellbeing People’ are two trading companies and are providers of pure bottled water, fresh fruit and Wellbeing activities. 

The original company George S Clayton Marden Ltd, was formed as a family run business in the 1970’s as a manufacturer of bottling equipment for the industry. In 1992 the company changed its name to Water for Work Ltd and moved away from manufacturing to concentrate operations on bottling and water distribution to homes and business in the South East.

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A close working relationship developed over the years between Water for Work and the South Coast based Edgar’s Cool Water who had expanded the vending and distribution operation from Sussex and into London. In April 2013 the relationship became a formal Merger of the two companies into Wellbeing People and Edgar’s Water.

The scope of the Group’s services and products is vast; Edgars Water providing bottled water, point of use coolers, fruit baskets and coffee across the whole of the UK from its distribution depots in London, Leicester, Brandon, Marden and Shoreham. The Wellbeing People providing health and wellbeing advice, training or support via its resident health professional at our in-house wellbeing hub or at customer’s sites. Services include use of our computerised ‘Health Screening kiosk assessment’, Cholesterol testing, sports massage, together with hydration and nutrition advice and health plans.

From the Borehole to the Bottle

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Our main source of water comes from our two boreholes at Hadlow, near Tonbridge. The holes penetrate a 5 metre thick layer of clay to reach a sand and gravel bed from which the spring water is drawn. The boreholes are lined with food grade plastic liners with fine strainers at the sand and gravel level, pumps draw the water from the boreholes and pump it underground to two large stainless steel storage tanks housed in a locked building. The tanks have breather filters that are rated at 0.2 microns absolute, this is to prevent any bacteria, algae or dust entering the tanks as they are filled and emptied, they are regularly sanitised. The water at this stage is perfectly clear, drinkable and bacteria free. 

The water is then transferred to our own mobile tanker, which is also constructed of stainless steel and has the same grade of breather filter fitted and is also regularly sanitised. The tanker transports the water to our bottling plant at Marden, where it is transferred to the two large storage tanks. Once again these tanks have the same grade of filter and are regularly sanitised. Coliform testing is carried out on a sample of water from every tanker load of water delivered with the results recorded. Stainless steel pumps then transfer the water from the tanks to the ozonator via a 0.6 micron pre-filter and a 0.2 micron filter to ensure that no bacteria, algae or particles are in the water that is bottled. 

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Prior to filling, all bottles are inspected visually, and sniffed to ensure that nothing is in the bottles to affect the quality prior to being washed and filled. The bottles are then washed, rinsed and sterilised in the automatic bottling plant. Ozone is injected into the water to ensure sterility as this will oxidise any organic matter and even some metals, this will not allow bacteria or organic particles to survive. The water is then transferred from the ozonator to the filling unit of the machine. Bottles are filled in an enclosed area within the machine, which is maintained under positive air pressure using filtered air to retain sterility and the caps are pressed fitted to bottles before being released to the inspection conveyor. At this point bottles are inspected for damage, date and batch coded and released to the warehouse. 

All water is quarantined for 24 hours to allow for the bacterial test results to be checked. At this point bottles can be released to our distribution department for delivery.

What's Next?

Edgar’s Water are passionate about staying healthy and learning more about the benefits of staying hydrated. Head over to our blog to find out new ways to stay healthy and learn fun facts about water!

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